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About Us

My name is Bethany and we were your typical traveling family. We are from Canada and with our 3 children we were committed to seeing the world, but in a budget-friendly way.

But then something not so typical happened. family

On our trip to Honduras, we were awarded the opportunity to spend the day with children affected with HIV. There sitting in the terribly hot classroom with sweat streaming down my back (sorry, TMI I know!) and these beautiful children staring back at me; it hit me.

We have been traveling wrong all this time.

We have been coming in and out of countries looking for inspiration when we should have been looking for a way to make an impact. We were taking, and giving nothing back to these beautiful people.

We are still committed to showing you how you can travel for less, but we will now also be seeking out local charities to invest our time and resources to along the way. I hope that you continue to follow along, and together we can make a difference!