RV Life – week 15 – Joshua Tree

Our time in California is coming to an end, which is so hard to believe. We had initially planned on spending at least 3 months here, but with recent changes to our schedule (including a last minute change to come home for Christmas) we had to bump up our timelines.

In the beginning, I wasn’t too fond of California. It wasn’t exactly the state that I had expected. But as time went on and the further south we went, it grew on me.

Our second last National Park in the area is Joshua Tree, so we picked a boon docking spot just outside of the South entrance and made ourselves home.

I was unprepared for Joshua Tree, so it wasn’t until the end of our week did we actually venture into the park.

Turns out, Joshua Tree is AMAZING!

This massive park stretches for miles with nothing but cacti and wide open spaces. It’s not until you venture up to the Northern part do you really see why this park is so incredible.

Everywhere you look are these massive boulders, Joshua trees and more hikes than you can imagine – all that are relatively kid friendly and full of stunning vistas.

As far as National Parks go, we have definitely seen more stunning places – however this is the most fun we have had ever. Start to finish. We were in outdoor heaven! So much to climb and explore.

Here at the park you are awarded with some impressive views of the San Andreas fault line, which we worked into our homeschooling schedule as well as a lesson on moon phases – which was helpful as we had a stunning full moon that week.

We reluctantly pulled ourselves away to move into the Thousand Trails in Palm Springs and made a plan to spend our next week dry camping back in Joshua Tree.

Palm Springs is a really nice town, and we immediately made some wonderful connections with a ton of families. It is so much fun to get to share these exciting adventures with other kids and parents.

Two families in particular we did everything with, and spent every day with them.

Hot air balloon festival, hiking trips and even just pool days. We were instant family.

We celebrated American Thanksgiving with 16 other families (there were over 70 of us in total!) and celebrated Lily’s birthday with more friends than she ever could have wished for.

It was a perfect two weeks and we were so sad to leave, but all good things must come to an end.

Next week we say goodbye to California for now – but not before ticking off our last National Park of the state – Death Valley!

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