RV Life – week 14 – Los Angeles

The kids have been talking about going on their first roller coaster for some time now, so we thought a perfect opportunity to get on their first ride would be here in Santa Monica, or what it is more commonly known as – Pacific Park.

This amusement park might be recognizable to you if you have watched such films as Despicable Me, Iron Man, Sharknado … (the list goes on and on!) or our family favourite; Mr. Bean.

It was an easy sell and off we went!

Pacific Park is also home to the world’s first, and only, solar powered ferris wheel as well as LA’s only admission free amusement park.

Obviously you have to pay to go on the rides here, but if you pop online and buy wristbands you can save yourself a few bucks and give your kids a whole lot of joy.

So we picked up three wristbands, and Bryan and I played valet all day to those three munchkins. We carried their sweaters, their hats, offered up snacks and drinks when needed.

Basically it was kid heaven, while we stood by and enjoyed all the happy squeals and laughs.

The park itself is a perfect size. 12 rides in total for all ages. Hunter and Lily were especially thrilled to see Charlie go on the drop zone. You know that 100 foot tower where you fall to certain death? Yeah, she thought that was awesome. The very next day she decided that she was “old” enough to swim.

Much to the satisfaction of Hunter.

As for LA itself… well we swung by the “Hollywood” sign just to say that we did (especially when we see it in films) and then got out ‘ a ‘ there! Cities just aren’t our place.

As Hunter puts it…. “we live in the woods”… so back to the woods we went….

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