Rv Life – week 11 – Yosemite

The day has finally come. 14 days of campground bliss in one of our favourite places ever. YO-SE-MITE!! 

At this campground we also have full services, so we are feeling like we won the lottery. Fresh water – electricity and even sewer.

The campground itself is a revolving door. Yosemite draws quite the crowd, so people are in and out the entire time. Beside us, however, we are surrounded by a family from San Diego and a single woman from Kentucky.

Both parties are staying as long as us and we instantly become close friends.

The kids are so happy to have made a real connection, and so are we.

When Canadian Thanksgiving rolled around, I invited both neighbours over for a feast followed by an outdoor movie of Free Solo (we are in Yosemite after all!)

The following day, Liz, our one neighbour even saw Alex Honnold in the Park climbing along with Tommy Caldwell. Turns out they were creating a new track up El Cap. How cool is that?

We dabbled ourselves in some rock climbing (bouldering for us) and the boys were immediately hooked.

While in Yosemite we heard of a wildfire spreading and that the power companies would be shutting down the power for a few days, possibly up to a week to prevent the fire from spreading. This is our first experience with such a thing. 

Despite the fire moving in the opposite direction, we were just 30 miles away from it, and from the news over the past few years, we knew not to get too comfortable. The wind can change the course of that fire in a second. 

We cleaned up our camp and got to the point that we could evacuate in just a few minutes (although that was never a concern – we didn’t want to take any chances). 

Almost everyone in the park left due to the lack of power and continued on their way, leaving just us and both our neighbours.

One person, before leaving, even told me “how am I going to blow-dry my hair in the morning without power?!” I just thought; “what’s a hair dryer?!”.

If you can’t handle a day without power, you shouldn’t be camping.

The power outage was short lived and we were back in business after 3 days. Even the kids thought it was “exciting”. 

Since we dry camp all the time, we are pretty well equipped to live without power. We had no issues whatsoever, making coffee for everyone each morning and getting our faces painted at night (Our neighbours are amazing and we are going to miss them soooooo much!).

The kids themselves have really started to thrive. We have hit stride in this new lifestyle of ours and are now all in a lovely groove.

Hunter especially has really blossomed. What was a shy boy before has become a young man eager to take charge. When the power outage was announced, he promptly ran over to our neighbours to help them flush their tanks, fill up their fresh water and unplug their rig since the Mom was all alone with her two little children and couldn’t do it herself.

He has really gotten quite attached to this family, and it doesn’t hurt that they think he is the greatest thing ever – which of course he is! As a parent, it makes my heart just swell to see him in this environment. With no walls around him, he can truly explode in his great potential.

It has been such a blessing to connect with other families. We all come from different places, but we all have the same goal.

All in search of a deeper purpose, a real connection with the planet, and most importantly, we are seeking a life rooted in the moment – one that is filled with adventure and excitement. 

We have met our “people”.

My heart is filled to the brim. So happy. 

Yosemite will hold a special place in our heart.

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