RV Life – week 10 – Lake Tahoe

We have one final stop before our blessed 14 day stop; Lake Tahoe.

Typically we would just boondock our way through, but a surge of cold weather has brought a dumping of snow and we are worried that if we bring our house up the 9,000 foot mountain range, we may burst our pipes and holding tanks. The days are warm enough at 7 degrees Celsius, but the nights get down to minus 10, and we believe our RV not to be winter ready.

We settle on a compromise, Placerville, at the base of the mountains an hour and a half away where there is a Casino, and you can still park at casinos for the night for free.

I so appreciate the fact that they open their doors to those who are travelling, even though they know that we are in fact not using their facilities to gamble. 

They do however blast 90’s rock alllllllllllll night at full volume. Sure you can stay here for free, however we will make it impossible for you to sleep. You get what you pay for right? I am not complaining. Thank you Placerville Casino for letting me stay two nights, leave my rig so that I can explore Lake Tahoe, but seriously –  Bon Jovi – I will never be able to listen to another one of your songs again. 

Lake Tahoe is absolutely gorgeous. It transported me right back to Switzerland or Croatia. It is officially a place I want to buy a house. You must go!

We spent all day jumping rocks, discovering the nooks and crannies of the lakes and bird watching.

We ended our day with a hike up to Eagle Falls. We walked past the crowds of people on the bridge watching the falls, and pushed further up the mountain to the hidden lake where only a handful of hikers make it. I left my camera behind, which of course I deeply regretted.

But you can’t always capture the moment in photograph. Sometimes the moment has to be lived, and remembered just between the 5 of us. It wasn’t a difficult hike, but it did seem to push the already tired kids. When we finally did make it to the top, the trees parted way to reveal a magical tarn. The sun was starting to set and was illuminating the tips of the trees and the water with a golden hue.

For the past few weeks we have been dealing with some incredibly stressful issues with our rental, and today it really came to a head. Here, at this secret lake, at the top of the mountain we were reminded, again, that the only thing that matters is today. We will deal with tomorrow; tomorrow.

Despite the rocky day we had (pun intended!), Lake Tahoe firmly placed itself into our heart. This place is absolutely breathtaking.

We dragged ourselves to finishing line.. no more long days.. here we come Yosemite!!!!

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