RV Life – week 7 – Washington 3/3

We are putting our RV woes behind us and moving on (after a brief flooding issue due to so much rain last night) and moving slowly South towards Oregon. 

En-route to our next campground we stopped at the Boeing factory outside of Seattle so that Bryan and Hunter could take their tour. 

The benefit of having your home on your back is that while the boys go inside for a few hours to learn, me and the girls are building forts and making Kraft dinner in the parking lot. 

It’s kind of the best. 

Hunter is obsessed with all forms of transportation, a sponge for any information he can get his hands on. He said that he could identify any plane just by looking at it, so naturally we quizzed him on this super power showing him a simple black jet plane and right away he informed us that it was an “Antonov 3000”.

So yeah, we took him to the place where they build Boeing airplanes for a full 90 minute tour of how they do it, plus a tour inside the 777 and 747. Hunter was practically vibrating in the parking lot with anticipation as he watched the airplanes take off and land just before his eyes naming each plane based on their logos. Apparently he can do that too. 

After arriving in Chehalis and selecting a site for our RV to park, we send the kids off to play at the playground while Bryan and I set up – a rule we implemented pretty early on in the trip. We were perched up on a hill surrounded by trees. Its quite beautiful, except for the fact that it appears that the rain will not be letting up any day soon.

While unhitching our trailer from the car, the trailer starts to slide back – towards that hill that we seem to be parked precariously too close too. Keep in mind, this is over 7,000 pounds of personal items – not to mention our home and everything we own. 

The RV hits stride and starts barreling towards the cliff – to a very certain death in my books. Bryan reacts immediately and grabs the tongue of the trailer and digs his feet in. The front stabilizers on the trailer, also dug into the ground at this point, have bent and nothing is holding back this train.

I grab the front compartment and the two of us are holding on for dear life. Shaking, praying, I start screaming as loud as I can “SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US!!” (Hey we are Canadian, even in a desperate moment we don’t loose our manners!)

Within a second I see 4 men run as fast as they can toward us bringing wheel chocks. To this day, I am absolutely amazed how quickly help came to us. 

At this point Bryan and I have successfully slowed the trailer to a halt, but our measly muscles are unable to hold back the house for long. Quickly a log is placed behind the back wheels and the trailer is chained up to the car in a desperate attempt to stop the sliding. 

Thankfully the other men and Bryan take over and I crumple into a shaking mess unable to hold back the tears. 

Just when I thought our RV woes were behind us.

I am feeling so defeated right now. 

Over the next few days we spoke to many other travellers who shared their own horror stories. Apparently RV living is not for the faint of heart. When you take your home on the road, problems happen. MANY of them!

By the end of the sharing, I am feeling thankful that the problems we have had have all been dealt with, no-one was hurt, nothing was lost or damaged forever, and at the end of the day, what we are getting out of this trip far outweighs the issues we have had……. seriously.

We say goodbye to Washington and are so ready to leave the rain behind.

Our countless trips into Rainier National Park came up fruitless as the volcano never showed her pretty face for us.

We learned a long time ago to ditch our expectations, and when we do, we allow ourselves the freedom to just enjoy the moment. 

At the end of the day, we ended up exploring a dried up river bed with sand that felt like walking on a giant jellyfish (I wouldn’t recommend it) and had a cheap dinner in an unused railway car.

It’s all about experiences this trip, and Hunter is making out like a bandit this leg of the journey, or as he would call it – “transportation heaven”.

Oregon – here we come!

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