RV Life – week 5 – Washington 1/3

Glacier was an absolute dream come true and we are sad to leave after 5 days, but next up for us is Washington. I have had a love affair with Washington for several years. Everything to love all in one place. Mountains, lakes, ocean, forests – what more could you want?

Washington also signifies the “start” of our trip. From here we will have no more long driving days, and we will slowly make our way south. My children, and my bank account will be thanking me. Up to this point, we have been logging 10-12 hour driving days and spending a good fortune on gas to lug our home across the United States.

Once reaching Washington, I am struck by the landscape. Where are my mountains, lakes and forests? There is nothing but desert and prairies as far as the eye can see. 

I picked a stop up ahead for us to spend the night in Moses Lake, just 2 hours from Leavenworth – our next stop.

Moses Lake is the first place we have stopped where Bryan and I haven’t tossed around the idea of living. It’s a bit of a rough town, but it does have a place for us to sleep and a patch of grass for the kids to play “cops and robbers” – so its all good.

We picked up our groceries and are now carting our way through the parking lot to our house when a security guard stops us. He wants to make sure that we haven’t stolen a load of goods in our canvas bags (which apparently was the first time someone brought their own bags to a Walmart).

It turns out, Moses Lake (which is confirmed a deadbeat town) also houses one of the longest runways in the US which serves the military for housing their planes, the Japanese train their pilots here, it was used as an emergency landing space for shuttles and also stores all the liquid used on the wildfires (there are apparently 2 wildfires currently, a whopping decrease from last years 23).

Wow, who would have thought that this …. town would have had so much information to tell! Trust me, there was A-LOT more that we learned that I am sparing you.

To this day, and I am sure forever, Moses Lake is a bit of an inside joke for the family.

Nothing will ever be as bad or as interesting as Moses Lake!

Oh the people you meet on the road, it never gets boring and meeting Leonard was a real treat.

We do eventually pull into our campground in Leavenworth and snag one of the best spots backing onto their trails.

Most campgrounds are like living in a parking lot, so you feel like you hit the jackpot when there is a single tree on your spot.

Turns out, in 1964 Leavenworth was struggling to get tourists, so they reinvented themselves as a Bavarian town.

Google image it, it’s terribly charming and they go all out for Christmas. Turns out their marketing efforts worked!

They also have (which is far more important to us!) one of the best playgrounds in North America.

I can see visiting Leavenworth again on our way home, it was such a beautiful town tucked up in the mountains with some of the best food we have ever had!

But all good things come to an end, and on our way to our next destination we hit some major road problems with our RV again while making our way up the mountain.

Ooooooh the fun never ends..

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