RV Life – week 2 – Grand Teton

We only ended up spending a few days in South Dakota before making a last minute decision to change our itinerary to fit in 2 more parks before our upcoming reservation in Montana – Grand Teton and Yellowstone. We initially planned on seeing them on our way back to Canada in the spring, but we recently learned that they would most likely still be under snow and the roads shut down, so it’s now or never!

12 long hours later through prairies, desert, rolling meadows, thick forests and finally my personal favourite, mountains – we reach our destination. 

We will be dry camping again just inside the Teton National Forest and we desperately wanted to arrive before the sun set to ensure a safe entry in.  

The only downside with boondocking is that you have to EARN it. You can’t book or plan anything in advance, and often the road in is so bad you can get stuck or worse, break down. All this to take a chance on a site, it’s no wonder it’s not as popular as you would think. You get what you pay for right?

Since I wanted to primarily camp this way, I was adamant that our car had to have 4×4 and our rig had to be as light as possible. 

We pulled into a dark narrow road and made the 5 mile trek back through the woods to secure a spot. I can tell that Bryan is feeling pretty anxious at this point. It’s dark, he’s exhausted and we have no idea whether or not we will be able to park for the night. We are newbie RVers here!

We take the first spot we find and throw the kids in bed without even unhitching. We are parked in what appears to be used as a gravel pit for the area, so there is some heavy machinery near our campsite. We figure we will check out the area in the morning and make a business decision then. 

I am so excited to be in Grand Teton, both Bryan and I can barely sleep. We rolled in dark so we haven’t seen the infamous mountain range yet – but we know it’s there and waiting to be seen as soon as that sun comes up.

As soon as we wake up we take our coffee outside to scope out the area. There are men working which don’t seem to be an issue for us, however a motorhome pulling out (from Michigan!) tells us that the “best spot” in the whole park just came available this morning and that we should take it ASAP. 

We jump in the car and continue down the road, unaware of where we will end up. What’s this guys definition of “the best spot?”.

Right when we are about to give up and turn around (not an easy feat when you are towing) we pull into a large clearing overlooking the Snake River with unobstructed views of the Teton Range as well as forests as far as the eye can see.

Apparently we have the same definition of “best spot ever” as this guy from Michigan.

It’s breathtaking, so we unhitch while the kids play in the babbling river building stone forts.

We hit the jackpot and I am already wishing we didn’t have to leave in a few days. 

We are within a short drive of several attractions, including Jackson Hole which is an awesome little ski town albeit terribly expensive. 

We spent three glorious days soaking up the mountains, the national park and the hiking. We are in heaven here! 

Charlie crawled into bed with us this morning and asked if we could stay here because she didn’t want to leave.

What she doesn’t know is that it will just keep getting better and better!

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