RTW – week 31 (adaptation)

Just outside of Rotorua is a 5600 hectar forest consisting of mainly California Redwoods. Back in the early 1901, an experiment was conducted to see if the land could sustain different species of plants, since this parcel of land only consisted of a few native shrubs.

Over 100 years later, this forest is thriving and now consists of hundreds of walking trails and is truly a sight to behold. At every turn you are greated with another spectacular view.

Seeing the native palms sprinkled in with the massive redwoods is quite the sight. Not to mention coming upon a tourquoise, geothermal steaming pond and stream. It feels like we have entered an enchanted forest!

Walking among these giants have really peaked our interest in seeing the Redwoods in their native habitat back in North America where they are over 1,000 years. Can you imagine?!


We road tripped down to Mount Maunganui to try to escape the rain that was hovering over our home for the past few days. There is only so much rain walking through the jungle that we can do before we tire of it and long for sun.

This little peninsula juts out into the water and is crowned by a dormant volcano that serves as an excellent walk either around it’s base or up to the summit. The farmers had just opened up the track after their lambing season,and getting to see all the adorable baby lambs on the way up to the top was a welcome surprise for us all.

Once you reach the top, you have specatacular views over the city as well as several other tree filled islands to the south.

Mount Maunganui was such a fun place to visit and we had a hard time tearing ourselves out of there. Definitely a must visit place if you are coming to the North Island. The beach here is spectacular!


We celebrated another birthday this trip, with Lily turning SEVEN! I can’t believe my sweet little girl is growing up so much.

When we first started this journey (7 months ago) we brought along a young little girl who was just starting to realize who she was. Month by month, she emerged into this incredible little woman, a word I use carefully because I am in no rush to see her grow. 


She has grown literal muscles throughout her body because of the heights she has accomplished (a feat she would have complained about just a few months ago), she has become content with the world she lives in, caring for each insect and tree she comes across. Her heart has been broken for the hurt that she has seen along the way, and she cares so deeply for the friends and family that she has left behind. 

Lily growing up this trip has been one of the greatest gifts we have received. She has blown me away in so many ways, and I am left speechless by the amount of confidence and strength she exudes on a day to day basis.


Kids are just incredible aren’t they? What a gift to see each one of them bloom in such different ways.

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