RTW – week 29 (yep, it's official!)

We had an exchange lined up right down at the very bottom of South Island in Riverton.

This is a small town dominated mostly by locals, so it gave us a really great perspective on the true feeling of NZ.

Riverton is such a lovely little town and as it turns out, the only place on earth that rains more than Ireland! Just kidding, we love you Ireland.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to impress us. We are in heaven.


Instead of moving countries after our typical 2 weeks, we knew we would want to extend our stay here, so we lined up 2 house swaps.

Our second exchange in South Island was up near Queenstown so off we drove, thankful to extend our stay here.


Not much to report on this end of things, every day we are logging approx 10-20 kms walking. Thankfully the kids are bringing their A-games and are up to the challenge, yet somehow they are still bouncing off the walls by the end of the day.

Where do these people get their energy and how do I get my hands on some?!


Despite the long days, the scenery takes your breath away at each turn, so the walks are every bit as enjoyable as they are long.

Although I think it’s safe to say we are going to be needing a bit of a rest after all this hiking!

We knew South Island would be amazing, but it truly blew us away. So much that I think it is safe to say – we are willing to crown a winner in the “favourite county” category.

It’s official!

I guess the only thing left to figure out at this point, is how do we move here?! Just kidding family, just kidding….. (kind of)

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