RTW – week 26 (jetties to sledding)

Margaret River, a famous wine region in South Australia, was a 3 hour (each way) drive from our home near Perth, but we knew we had to make the trip down, despite the distance.


We made a quick pit stop in Busselton to see the famous jetty. Here, the longest timber piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere juts out into the Geographe Bay (or as Hunter calls it, the Indian Ocean).

Just last year they spotted 10 blue whales off the jetty, it’s that far out! (almost 2km) and you can get to the end by walking the length or taking the small train.

$10 each for the train or a free walk? Come on – we walk for the fun of it, so obviously I am going to save that $50!

Sadly, no blue whales were spotted, but we did thoroughly enjoy our beautiful morning out on the water.


Busselton is a very cool, family friendly town with an excellent sheltered beach for swimming, snorkelling and fishing.


Sadly we couldn’t stay long and had to keep up with our Margaret River tour. Off we drove over to the Injidup beach to get a real taste of South Australia.

The landscape down here is so unique. The beaches, of course, are perfect and you can have them all to yourself.

We tried desperately to pick up a cheap evening somewhere to extend our stay, but sadly everything affordable was booked. So we will just have to make the most of our short stay!

We stayed late to watch the sunset and watched the waves come in over the rocks while building sand castles. It was a perfect evening!

The kids have always wanted to try out sand boarding, and up near the Lancelin sand dunes you can rent boards to try your hand at it. Each sand dune is about 200 feet up and when you grease your board (which obviously we did!) you can pick up some major speed.

So much fun going down, not so much fun walking all the way up every time!

Even despite the massive quad muscle workout, we had such a fun day getting sand in so, so many places.

This calls for an immediate beach date!

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