RTW – week 18 (Belgium)

We were so lucky to have a home for almost 4 weeks in Belgium. I gotta tell you, having the same bed for that long was a real welcome break. House Swapping for the win!!


For the most part, we spend our days doing school work and playing in the backyard. It truly is lovely being away from the business of cities and moving around. We even caught the Flower carpet which happens every two years, and this time it was dedicated to Mexico.

Gent is an amazing city that we spent some time in as well as Brugge. The canals offer so much, and we were sure to buy a canal tour on a boat – a big hit with the kids!

Every Friday night we spent in Brussels at the Atomium. There were tons of activities for the kids, food trucks and fireworks to end the night. We spent three Fridays there and each time couldn’t quite make it to the grand finale.

We got rained on the first night (still watched the fireworks under a towel with a sleeping Charlie) the second week Charlie and Lily both fell asleep and then the third all three kids slept on Bryan in the park. Apparently 11pm is WAAAY too late for us!

It was awesome to be apart of such a huge community event and with so many people. We felt like locals for just a short little while.

We even managed to find a beach up in the northern end of Belgium, which is as always, a huge hit with us!

Although they don’t have very many beaches, they are pristine and filled with swanky beach clubs and bouncy houses and playgrounds for the kids.


Of course, no visit to Belgium would be complete without visiting some of the WWI and WWII battle fields. It is so hard to imagine what life would have been like so many years ago, but being here, and walking on these grounds gets us just a tiny bit closer.

We were even fortunate enough to visit the barracks where John McCrae wrote “In Flanders Fields”.

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