RTW – week 11 (bad blogger)

I’m sorry guys, I have been a really bad blogging friend as of late. Here’s the deal, when we started out on this trip, we thought it would be fun to keep connected and make videos along the way in order to keep everyone at home involved – but it ended up being WAY more work than I anticipated, and I couldn’t help but start to resent the whole process.

I was missing out on time with my family, I was missing out on times reading and learning, and it became to feel like straight up work. And why exactly was I trying to put all this work on myself while on “vacation”?

So I started eliminating jobs week by week; facebook, twitter (who uses that anyway?) videos – except for the ones that my GoPro make for me automatically (thank you for that! 😘😘)

I am doing my best to keep up with Instagram, although that’s a struggle in it’s own right – and these journals are a way of keeping close with family and friends, not to mention a time for me to reflect on the trials and pleasures of this beautiful trip.


OKAY – back to travel – and PS. thank you so much for reading this and being apart of this journey 💚💚

So Croatia was a rocky start, and pun intended, since every inch of this beautiful island is covered in white pebbly rocks. As it is with all of our stays, the first few days are a transition, then we settle and start falling in love with our surroundings.

By week 2, we have fully assimilated into the local lifestyle and consider ourselves Croatian.


This came in especially handy when the World Cup was on. We would watch the games in Stari Grad, just a few minutes from our home, which was such an amazing experience – these guys sure know how to celebrate!


The streets were filled with kids running around playing soccer, and adults jammed in close trying to get a glimpse of the TVs.

I went from never watching a full soccer game before, to painting my face and jumping up and down screaming and hugging everyone when Croatia would score. What can I say, we are locals now remember?!

Watching the underdogs come all the way back to the reach the finals was actually such a memorable moment of our trip. It was SO much fun to be a part of and the kids still constantly talk about it.

We made a trip into Hvar City to see the sunset from atop the fortress which was a visual treat.

The Greeks settled here in 384 BC and over the years the city fell into many hands, each one leaving their impression on the architecture. So much history in every inch, not to mention, a drop dead gorgeous view of the Pakleni Islands from the top of the castle.

This little town is bustling! We couldn’t believe some of the yachts and sailboats that were docked, as Hvar is a very popular sailing destination.

Upon seeing all these boats, Lily has decided that it is her goal in life to live on one. She isn’t sure about much, but becoming a mother (preferably by adoption since the idea of giving birth has scarred her for life 😬) and now living on a boat.

She figures she will fund this dream by making jewelry and selling them from all the “jewels” she finds (if you know Lily, you know this means trash she has picked up off the ground) along her boating adventures. A girl can dream, and I must say, it’s a pretty sweet dream!


As for the remainder of the trip, it was spent sitting beach side, snorkelling and picnicking, but I won’t bore you with those details 😛

We will miss you Croatia, we already want to come back! 🇭🇷


Next up! Rome!! And guess what? Our house swap came back into the picture, so we have a home – yay!! But Bryan and I are still sleeping on the couch…… d’oh.

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