RTW – week 9 (2 months travel)

2 months on the road already?! Wow where has the time gone. So far in just these 9 weeks we have seen 6 countries and made countless memories.


Now, if I could sum up our trip in one word, I would have to use the word “unprepared”. We let our house swaps determine our itinerary and every waking moment leading up to our departure was used preparing the houses, lining up work etc. By the time we boarded the plane for Iceland, we had zero plans and had done zero research.

Who needs to plan 8 months of travel anyway?! In all seriousness though, do your research! We have made so many mistakes along the way.

The Burren, Ireland

These two months have been a real transition, in so many ways. We had to push our bodies 6 hours ahead, re-learn manual driving (on the wrong side of the road), teach ourselves and our children homeschooling, learn new ways of cooking and adjust to new homes every few weeks and adjust to new cultures every few weeks.


Each home and country come with a new set of rules, which seem to take a good week of adjusting to. By the time we feel we have settled and started to live again, we start to transition to the next country. One thing that does seem consistent, however, Europe appears to have an aversion to top sheets and window screens. Why?!

I am relieved that we aren’t bouncing around any faster than we are, but even 2 weeks is starting to feel like it’s not enough time.

Mallorca, Spain

Thankfully, the language barrier has been easier than expected, that or we are just getting used to not being understood by anyone. English is a language that most people know at least a few words of, and we manage by hand gestures and the all important Google Translate.

Arosa, Switzerland

The kids are wearing through their clothes at an impressive pace, and I appear to be misplacing ours at an even more remarkable one, which is detrimental when you only own 2 sweaters, 3 shirts, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of pants.

Our 5 carryon bags are slowly losing items and being replaced with small bags of sand. I can’t help myself, I must collect!

Hvar, Croatia

There were so many worries before departing, and although the worries haven’t stopped completely, there have been so many times I have stopped dead in my tracks and said “I am so happy we took this chance.”

Favourites so far:
1. overall country: Scotland – what can I say, it was easy to be in and so so beautiful. Already planning a return trip!
2.  most beautiful: Switzerland – every single inch of it took my breath away
3. best meal out: Mallorca – our last meal was absolutely amazing. Simple fresh local ingredients, and my favourite, affordable!
4. best moment so far for:
Bethany – our first time up the Weisshorn, in Switzerland, we decided to hike down (instead of waiting the 10 minutes for the cable car). It ended up being a 2 hour journey and there was this moment when Hunter and Lily took their usual place in front of us leading the way, when we finally emerged from beneath the clouds. There in the sun we were surrounded by mountains, lakes and the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen. It was one of those moments, in the utter quiet, where you truly wouldn’t believe you were standing where you were at that moment.
Bryan – hmmm, hard one! Cooking sausages over the open fire at the river overlooking the waterfall in the distance in Arosa, and snorkelling with the kids. Hunter has become an excellent snorkelling buddy and hearing Lily’s squeals of delight every 2 seconds when she sees something new is the best.
Hunter – snorkelling in Croatia, in particular at Jagodna beach. He spotted barracudas, starfish, flounders, mussels and more. Hunter is a fish at heart ❤️
Lily – cliff jumping in Croatia, “you know, where you (as in ME!) were a baby and wouldn’t jump?!” – Lily (thanks Lily)
Least favourite is when she fell in Ennis.
Charlie – “the park” can’t decode which one though, she has no idea which country we are in. 🤷‍♀️
5. least favourite road: Slea Head Dr, Dingle, Ireland. One way street with the ocean drop off on one side and the mountain on the other. OH! look, here comes a car. Driving reverse on said road looking for a way to move over. 🤢
The Ma-10 near Cala Tuente in Mallorca was a close second. Get out of here tour buses! Although difficult to drive on, you were treated to some seriously gorgeous views.
6. How is the budget? So we budgeted for $4000 for the first 2 months (don’t worry it goes down from here!) and I am proud to say we have only spent $3800. Yay!

Thanks for following along guys, we love you! ❤️

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