RTW – week 8 (the Arosa card)

We lucked out with our recent House Swap when we landed a small 1 bedroom condo in Arosa.

Arosa is a beautiful ski village (top 10 actually!) set up high in the mountains on the east side of Switzerland. In the last few years, in an effort to boost tourism during their summer months, they introduced the Arosa Card, and were the first to do so in the country.

Cable Car up the Weisshorn Mountain

The Arosa Card allowed families to partake in all their activities free of charge (and even several cable cars in Lenzerheide), so this was a huge draw for us when it came to narrowing down our stay.

Anytime you come to Arosa as an overnight guest (even if you camp!) you get the card for free. You of course can purchase the card for a day pass, but why not treat yourself to an overnighter too (trust me, its going to take forever getting here from Chur).

Zip lining and Rope Park

Like I said above, it was a 1 bedroom condo, meaning Bryan and I had to sleep in the living room (thankfully on a Murphy bed), but it was a flash back to our most renovation when we had to sleep in the kitchen for a few months (lol!) but for the kids – it was worth it.

Scalotas and Tgantieni chair lift

Typically when we go to a new country we don’t do much in terms of excursions, which is why it looks like all we do is just walk places – because that is all we do! I am sorry, we are so so boring.

Row boating on Ubersee

It was a nice change of pace coming here and getting to do so much.

We rested up in Spain, and by the end of our second week we were pushing ourselves out the door telling ourselves we will relax in the next country. There was just so much to do!

swimming in Untersee with inflatable trampoline, launch pad, and toddler pool

We took advantage of the cables cars (typically very expensive) train, row boats, archery, chip and golf, zipline and rope park. It was amazing, and such a breathe of fresh air not to have to worry about the cost of anything.

Panoramabahn (I could have rode this one all day – beautiful!)
Rothorn Cable Car

All inclusive is the way to go, I hope more places jump on board and follow in Arosa’s footsteps. 👊


Also, one of my favourite things about our trip was cooking over an open fire every day.

On all of their millions of trails they have camp fire spots that they stock with unlimited wood, an ax and picnic table. We tried to make it out at least once a day to enjoy a meal with nothing but the beautiful Swiss mountains as our backdrop.

I am going to miss our campfires, but for now I don’t think I can even look at an other sausage and cob of corn again!

We will miss you Switzerland! 🇨🇭

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