2 weeks in Hvar – our budget ($700)

Flights: $75
Thanks EasyJet for another great flight! No luggage fees since we, again, pack only carryon.

Accommodation: $0
We lined up another house swap on the island of Hvar right outside of Stari Grad. We only had a one bedroom apartment, but that was fine by us. We were within a few minute walk to Zukova Bay and a quick drive from all attractions. If you do come to Hvar and you are with kids, I highly recommend Jelsa – we spent almost all of our time there and loved it!

Read more about House Swapping

Car rental + Gas: $ $275
We booked a car right from the airport with Gold Car and only had to fill up once on our way back to the airport. Woohoo!

Ferry: $175
The ferry was quite the journey, especially getting back to Split when they shoved us down this TINY ramp into the basement. Talk about stress!

Airbnb: $86
We stayed at this Airbnb in Kastel between the airport and the ferry terminal in Split. It did the trick, super clean, but was a nightmare to find in the late night.

Get $45 towards your next Airbnb rental!

Groceries: $457
Groceries were a little bit more expensive here so that cost us a bit. There was an adorable outdoor market right in Stari Grad that sold the most beautiful local produce where we did most our shopping.

Dining Out: $200
I had one of those weeks were I had given up on cooking and just wanted to keep it easy. We were feeling pretty tired, so we ate out way more than usual this time around. There is just something about all that open fire grilled fish, we couldn’t resist!

Total: $811 – over budget again! Boooooo 😭

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