RTW – week 7 (the dark ages)

Welcome to Switzerland, you owe us $250.


Okay, we were SO excited to see Switzerland, probably more than any other country, but we were coming off a week where we had some unfortunate news and the early start of 4am did not help things. 

Within 10 minutes of landing in Basel, we received 5 shoves and more eye rolls and grunts than I could count.

We picked up our overpriced car rental and started on our 3 hour journey towards Arosa only to see a torrential downpour the entire way. The kids were so overtired, and this means they are at each others throats and driving us crazy in this minuscule car.


When we did arrive at our apartment, we discovered that we were in the middle of nowhere (closest town is just a few km’s away, but because of the mountains it will take you over an hour to get there) and the ski resort that we are staying in of course doesn’t open for summer for a few days. 

Arosa has lovingly been referred to as an Island by the locals, because of the fact that it takes too long (and is difficult to get to

Our apartment is also without internet and laundry. Laundry being one of the biggest issues here since my kids are going through clothes at a record pace. But the internet? This leaves us feeling so isolated, without school for the kids, worried that we cannot plan or fix our Italy leg and out of touch with our rentals at home. 


We search desperately for a silver lining, oh maybe the mountains? But they are completely engulfed in clouds and rain. Grocery shopping and cooking should cheer me up, until I discover that groceries here are EXTREMELY expensive! I scrounge together enough food to last a few days for us and it comes to almost $200. I have bought nothing. Like bouillon cubes (since soup will be the only thing we can afford) 1 piece of chicken, a few cucumbers, can’t afford any apples, coffee (obviously important) and bread (you know, for Charlie), frozen spinach and 2 bags of tortellini. That’s it!! 

Although I am proud to say, 5 days later, 5 soups, 5 sandwiches and only one egg per day per person, we have finally ran out of food. 


As for that $250? Well that was a tourist fee that we needed to pay. Bright side? We get the Arosa Card (for whenever the resort town opens!) and it comes with a ton of activities. 

The sun came out finally, and we took advantage of some of the trails around our apartment (oh, did I mention that Bryan and I are sleeping in the living room? It’s a 1 bedroom) and when the resort did open on the weekend, we took the cable car (thankfully free with the Arosa Card) and hiked the Weisshorn mountain.


Being there, up on the mountain, watching the kids scramble over the rock face making their way down I am reminded why we fell in love with Switzerland.

Wow, it’s absolutely breathtaking. There really are no words to describe it. 

Having no internet, and no tv has had its perks though. It has been unbelievably freeing not to be connected. We play more games of Uno with the kids before each meal than I have ever played in my entire life. We have zero distractions. Just right here. Right now. 


On the agenda this week? Lose some weight from binging in Spain (obviously going to be easy since we can’t afford to eat here), learn a few German words and use this Arosa card for every last penny that it’s worth. You can bet that I will be getting my money back – let me tell ya!

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