RTW – week 6 (no car, no home)

Our search for more secluded beaches has proved fruitful, but it comes with a hike, which thankfully is quite rewarding visually.


We pass through limestone cliffs, olive gardens, panoramic views of the Mediterranean and even stumble upon some local goats. 

We have to give up the sand for pebbles, but its worth it in the end. 


During our last week we received word that we no longer have a home in Italy, leaving us without accommodation for approximately 12 days in high season. Not having a home is stressing me out as almost everything is booked or seriously overpriced. 

Thankfully we have a few weeks to scramble, and also quite a bit of room in our budget – so the hunt is on!

On our second last day, while at then beach, we received an email from our car rental company informing us that our car needed to be returned immediately due to a cancellation in their insurance. 

What this means, is that our car company, Auto Click was being shut down and upon further investigation at home we discovered that it was in the middle of a 40 million dollar scam (lightbulb: oh is this why the car was so cheap?) with it’s owner suddenly fleeing the country. We had to get the car back to the airport and arrange for ourselves a way to get there again two days later at 5am for our flight out. 


As a family of 5, that means we need two taxis (no van taxis?!) and 30 euros later we were on our way. We did take advantage of the savings that came with having our car refunded and had a delicious dinner out of mussels, razor clams, calamari and grilled sardines. 

All bad things have a silver lining right?!


Now about finding a home in Italy…..

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