RTW – Week 5 (gymnophobia)

We had no master plan when it came to planning our RTW trip. If there was a free house and the flights were cheap – we were there!

But Mallorca was always a little island I had my eye on, it’s gorgeous. Mountains, beaches, fabulous food – you name it.

So I was pleasantly surprised when we scored a cute little 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Palma with a car rental of only $100 for 2 weeks. Now we aren’t typically city people, but the change of pace has been quite nice. Everything within walking distance is a change I love.

But with all good things come the bad ones. Parking here is absolutely horrendous. There is free parking, but good luck finding a spot that’s open or a lot that isn’t full.

One day poor Bryan had to drive laps for almost an hour trying to find someone who was pulling out at the right time. When we do find parking, we are hard pressed to get back in the car – which I must say – is a good excuse to slow down.

Mallorca, as beautiful as it is, appears to also have a bit of a partying side.

When summer is in full force, all of Europe seems to flock to the Balearic Island (and with $15 flights, you can’t blame them!). So this unfortunately results in us being crammed into a beach with 200,000 drunk beach lovers who seem to have forgotten their bikini tops at home.

Oh yeah, we are in Europe – no body wears clothes at the beach! 🙈

Perhaps we have become anti social in our *old* age, but my idea of a great day isn’t being shoved into a beach with a million other sweaty topless ladies, plus a handfull of gentlemen that have also resorted to no bottoms (why?!) 😳😳


But Mallorca is also one of Europe’s most underrated walking countries.

The lush mountainous landscape offers some spectacular hikes, and I am hoping that all these mid 20-ish people are too lazy and hung over to brave the 5km hike down to some of the beaches.

Our number one agenda for the week: find Mallorca’s secluded beaches.

On the bright side, wine here is $2 a bottle, so if we are unsuccessful in finding those secluded beaches we may just have to join in on the fun. 👙

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