RTW – Week 4 (bagpipes, bagpipes and more bagpipes)

We started the week off by visiting the Glenfinnan Viaduct. If you are a Harry Potter nerd, well you know this famous bridge from the movies, and if you are not a self proclaimed nerd – well then here are some amazing facts for you.

👉 The viaduct is made from mass concrete, unlike others that are reinforced with steel.

👉 It is the longest concrete bridge in Scotland (416 yards)

👉 It contains 21 semicircular spans of 50 feet

👉 They began construction in 1897 and opened the line in 1901

👉 Did I mention that it appears in several Harry Potter films?

We woke up early, hit the road and made it just in time to see the famous Jacobite steam train make its passage over the viaduct with Loch Shiel in the distance.

We packed a picnic and enjoyed the view, it was amazing, even if you’re not a Harry Potter nerd.

On our way home we blew off our plans to see Stalker Castle and Glencoe (crazy I know) to visit Loch Laggan. We passed it on our way to see the viaduct and just had to return.  

We ended up staying all day playing in the water and sand (the sand is full of reflective material!) with the mountains in the background.

Definitely not the day we had planned, but we had an amazing time having the beach all to ourselves.

I just LOVE these days, and they are quickly becoming my absolute favourite.

No plans. Just US and this breathtaking planet that we are so blessed to call home.

We were sure to visit the town of St Andrews to see the cathedral as well as the old castle.

This little town is crazy charming with all it’s old buildings and cobblestone walkways. Definitely visit if you can. Apparantly they play golf there too? Meh.

We were tempted to grab a bite from one of the hundred cafe’s lining the streets, but obliged our children’s requests to hit up the playground. …. Kids… 🤷‍♀️

On our last day we were treated to the Highland Games at Blair Castle. We must have rolled into Blair Atholl at 9am and didn’t leave until well after 5pm. I think we must have heard enough bagpipes to last a lifetime, thankfully this was appreciated by all.

We were even allowed entry into the castle (although I don’t think we paid for it) Some nice lady could tell that Bryan was clearly heir to the throne (since he is descended from the Murray of Athols afterall 😜) and let us through. 

The kids were amazed by all the old rooms, the armoury and how the people must have lived in those days – with servants! Who would have thought? (Little do they know they already own 2! #lifeofaparent )

We watched the locals compete followed by the professionals. The kids were even allowed on the field to participate in a race. It was amazing to be involved in such a huge part of Scottish culture.


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