RTW – Week 3 (a surprise love affair)

Next up on our RTW tour is Scotland! We found some cheap flights out of Dublin with Ryanair, otherwise, we may not have hit up this country. Which is crazy, because this place is really something special.

There is something about Scotland that has all of us swooning. There is no question that it is beautiful; rolling fields, mountains, cove like beaches etc. But the feel here is different.

Scotland is seriously underrated, and I highly encourage you to think about visiting. It’s amazing.  😍

I know I say this every time, but of all the countries we have been too – Scotland is a place where we all feel we could live.

Our home is located in the small town of Cupar, but has everything we could want, including a good size playground for the kids and grocery store within walking distance.

We are doing our best to keep things simple, but it still feels like we are moving at a record pace. Its hard to believe that we will have been gone for almost a month soon. We barely get settled into the house before we have to pack up again! 😢

The hiking here is stunning, and we trekked Ben A’An as well as Conic Hill our first week.

We have started to develop a real love for hiking. Borth Hunter and Lily are doing an excellent job of keeping up with us, and lucky Charlie gets a seat on my back giving my quads a bit more of a workout – oh the pain!

They have also been begging us to go on a train since arriving , and since kids ride free here, we took them to Edinburgh for a day. Side note, Edinburgh is still my favourite city to this day. So historic, and charming – oh and did I mention non stop Harry Potter?

We visited the Museum of Childhood, the Art Gallery and the National Museum of Scotland. All of these museums are FREE and will keep you and your kids occupied for hours! The UK really does their museums right!

Oh and guess what else we got to do? Go to another playground.  Seriously, why did we even leave Canada?

As for the agenda next week? Find a few sweet parks, read a book and continue to procrastinate learning Spanish. 

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