RTW – Week 2 (the silver lining)

After my major minor breakdown last week, we seem to have turned a corner. After some precious advice from a friend, we took to implementing a routine immediately. As much as I hated the idea of it, we knew it had to be done.

We also started a rule of one day on *atleast* one day off. If we hopped in the car to go touring, we made a point of letting the car sit in the driveway for at least a day.

Walk to get the grocery items you need, walk to the park (our in this case it was a courtyard with a beautiful little stream flowing through the centre).

Surprisingly, we went from feeling antsy to settled overnight. Every day isn’t perfect, but we are starting to smell the roses.

Every single meal we eat together, and take the time to talk. I swear we spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else. πŸ˜© We pack picnics and books and linger as much as we can at each place.

Homeschooling is still coming along. Being a part of their school each day has really allowed us to implement what they have learned into real life situations.

Plurals, multiplication and of course history and science. I was dreading homeschooling, but it has been a gift to be so involved in such a major part of their lives.

I have noticed that Lily asks more questions than she ever has. What is the definition of this, where did that come from, what makes this? Their little minds have hit a new level of curiosity. It’s pretty awesome to see!

I am not saying there are still hard days, we are adjusting to a whole new way of life. But the struggle has certainly turned to a silver lining.

See ya later Ireland, you were a dream – next up – Scotland! πŸ΄

xo, Bethany

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