RTW – Week 1 (the struggle)

Our first week in Ireland has come with it’s ups and downs. We are dealing with our first major time change (5 hours ahead), driving manual on the wrong side of the road (don’t even get me started on those narrow roads!) and homeschooling the kids.

We have slowly been making the transition to living abroad, and I will be honest, it’s been a lot harder than I expected.

I knew it would be a transition, and I am trying to be patient with myself and the family through this next step. I suppose a part of me thought it would be straight up roses. I mean, we are living in Ireland! What’s not to love?

Well let me tell you! 😂😂 Homeschooling has been a whole new ball game. In my delusional mind I thought I would set my children down in front of their work and they would just do it, allowing both myself and Bryan to do our own work.

Ummm, what was I thinking?! It also turns out, that even though I am following our Canadian curriculum, the kids are way behind in what they should know. It has been easier with Lily since she is only in grade 1, but with Hunter being in grade 4, we are having to go back and smooth out all the details and places that he missed from his traditional schooling back home.

That is one VERY good thing with homeschooling, you find out all the places that the kids are behind and fill in the gaps. I won’t lie, there are more tears that I expected 🙄🙊 but slowly we are starting to get the hang of this new routine.

Our days have been filled with more work than play though – which has been an adjustment.

I can already feel the anxiety creeping in. “You’re in Ireland – why aren’t you seeing MORE?! Don’t you know that you will never be here again?”

My inner self can be so reassuring at times. 🤦‍♀️

Where is this happiness from being content in the moment that I read about?

It’s hard to make the transition from a busy fast paced life (school, work, extra curricular etc) to one that requires nothing but to spend time together.

What a strange concept! For the next several months, my only job is to be a parent.

Surprisingly, that has been harder than I thought. My other “distractions” that took so much of my time also allowed me breaks from being a parent.

Being a parent is exhausting. Seriously, exhausting.

We are smack dab in the middle of some strong growing pains right now.

But change is good, it allows us time to grow and develop. At the end of the day, our entire purpose for this trip was to force us into a state of change.

As much as we wanted to see the world (which we are SO blessed to be able to do), we wanted this time to learn to slow down.

To learn to be in the moment and really get to know ourselves and our children. To be alone with our thoughts.

Thanks to all of you for following along and coming on this journey with us. ❤️❤️🤗

xo, Bethany

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