Why we skipped the Blue Lagoon (and where to go instead)

On our recent stopover to Iceland we asked ourselves, “How can we go to Iceland and NOT go to the Blue Lagoon?” 

Well let me tell you friends, because the Blue Lagoon costs a whopping 9,900 ISK ($96 usd) per person.

You can save a tiny bit by either going at 7am or at 8pm – but either way you look at it, you are spending a pretty penny. (And since we are Canadian, we are actually looking at approx $140 a person). 🤢

courtesy of billiger-mietwagen.de/

Thankfully children are free, but chances are you are going with another adult and are looking at around $200 usd for a soak.

I wanted desperately to visit, but my budget simply WILL NOT allow for an excursion like that.

Over the years, Iceland has become one of the top destinations in the world, and with this, prices skyrocket. It’s hard to blame them really, it’s simply supply and demand, and with our ever growing Instagram obsession, it’s almost unthinkable to visit Iceland without getting the iconic photo of you soaking in the Blue Lagoon.

I mean look at it, it’s gorgeous isn’t it?!

courtesy of Anglers.is

And I’ll be honest, I was disappointed, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too right? In order to keep to our budget, we can’t do everything! 😭

{Note to self: consider upping the budget 😝)

👉👉 5 Globetrotters Tip: If you do end up going to the BL, go early or later in the day. Most people take tour busses and they arrive around 10 am and depart around 4pm, plus it’s cheaper!

Try something else!

Iceland has so many alternatives, most of them free! Sure you may have to walk a bit to reach them, but they are natural (did you know that the Blue Lagoon is actually heated by the neighbouring power plant?) plus, chances are you will be the only one enjoying them. 🙌

Reykjadalur hot stream (free)

courtesy of Iceland Explore

How cool is this?! You do have to hike here, and there are no changing facilities, but you get this hot stream all to yourself 😍

Landmannalaugar hot stream (free)

courtesy of I Heart Reykjavik

A little closer to get to, and for this reason you may have to share this beautiful spot.

Seljavallalaug (free)

How to get to Seljavallalaug - Iceland - outdoor pool-4
courtesy of Its All Bee

Iceland’s oldest swimming pool, naturally heated by the water trickling down the mountains. So so cool!

Secret Lagoon ($$)

courtesy of Guide to Iceland

The best paid option to the Blue Lagoon. So much cheaper at only $27 usd per adult and kids are also free!

Have you visited the Blue Lagoon or did you opt to skip it?

Going to Iceland? Skip the Blue Lagoon and check out these places instead!

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