Paya Bay

Paya Bay is an “ultra private beach, nature leisure and wellness reserve”. It is located on the East End of Roatan and spans several acres of lush landscape overlooking the stunning Caribbean Sea.

According to their website, Paya Bay prides themselves on being an open-minded, loving resort where naturism is allowed/encouraged in designated areas.

Our House Swapping host insisted several times that we make the 2 hour drive down, so we figured we had to take her up on it.


Naturism. Hmmm, I wasn’t quite familiar with that word, but I thought “we like nature, this seems perfect!” 😳

I still to this day question whether or not she was just playing a joke on us 🤔

We maybe should have started to question our decision when the third person responded all wide-eyeded  “ooooooo, you’re going there are you?”  followed by a somewhat creepy wink.

Hey, we had no kids, we didn’t really care what we did (even if it did seem increasingly suspicious) – so off we went!

Upon arriving, you are immediately struck by the beauty of the land. Unlike the West End, this area is far more rustic and like the island would have been before it was developed and commercialized.


You are surrounded by gorgeous water, lush rainforest, jagged cliffs and pristine white sand.

But that naturism part? Yeah apparently that means nudist. So here we are with our cameras out, in total appreciation of the landscape, when we turn the corner to see a (presumably very nice) older couple wearing nothing but their birthday suit enjoying the fine day.

Que the realization of all the previous creepy winky faces and suggestive tones when we “bragged” about our upcoming visit to Paya Bay.

Once we picked our mouths up off the floor and the crickets stopped chirping we quickly regrouped and put away the cameras (after all, we didn’t want to be those creepy individuals).


We quickly found the plaque of rules and they read:

Area 1 needs to have an 80/20 split of nudes Naturists to clothed individuals. While Area 2 and 3, you are required to strip down. These people are pretty strict on their rules!

definitely not naked in this photo

So what’s a couple of Canadians to do after they have paid their entrance fee? We suppressed our giggles and set out to explore the area.

In all seriousness though, this place is breathtaking.

You have your choice between several private and stunning sitting spots as well a yoga pavilion perched high above the trees overlooking the water.


However you look at it, Paya Bay is one spectacular piece of land, especially if you are looking to see Roatan in it’s raw and stripped down glory (sorry I had to).

But please, leave the kids at home 🙈


Paya Bay even offers a number of boutique rooms if you wish to spend the night.

But as to whether or not we bared it all – well you only live once right? 😉


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