The ultimate carryon – our CabinZero Backpack Review

I was devastated when my favorite backpack broke recently in Honduras. I am a huge advocate for carryon only, so when this unfortunate event happened, I immediately hopped online to find a suitable replacement.

👉👉 What I was looking for: With our upcoming trip around the world, we will be backpacking – with THREE kids. So I need a bag that allows me to keep my hands free for cracker dealing, hip slinging and threat giving. If my hands are tied up, my kids become little airport monsters.

I needed a backpack that is lightweight so that I can pass it off to my kids to carry, big enough to carry 8 months worth of clothes and small enough to adhere to all those cheap airline standards. Again, we are backpacking the world on a STRICT budget and I can’t be adding on checked bag fees.

When I stumbled on the CabinZero 44L Classic bag, I was sold. All Cabin Zero bags are specifically designed to adhere to even the stingiest of airline standards (ahem Ryanair) and priced at $80-$100 (usd) each, it’s well worth every penny! The bag weighs under 2 pounds and made with waterproof polyester. No additional checked bag fees? Done!


All Cabin Zero bags are also outfitted with Okoban Global Trackers. Meaning, if one of my kids (cough cough – “me”) forgets to pick it back up while running to grab our flight, I can quickly log online and see exactly where it is! So smart.

We recently took our CabinZero bag with us to Puerto Rico and it quickly became my “go to” bag. We didn’t just use it to get from Toronto to PR, I found myself packing it every day for our day trips and hikes as opposed to my regular hiking pack.

Our classic bag doesn’t include the chest/waist strap, so I am already looking to upgrade to the Military bag for our upcoming trip.


Because of its rectangular shape, It fit my vacuum bags perfectly. Also, because of the way it is shaped it sits higher up on your back, distributing the weight more.


Again, the weight of the bag is such a huge bonus. There are two extra handles so you can carry it on the side like a briefcase or use the handle at the top of the bag.


CabinZero has a 10-year warranty on all their bags, but if you Like them on Facebook; they bump it up to 25 years! I loved this feature because let’s be honest, we can be tough on our bags.


Their zippers are heavy duty, yet they easily glide back and forth and allow for a personal lock to be placed on. Super easy for little hands and parents who are in a terrible hurry 😝

👉👉 Cons: Although it does have one large laptop sleeve and a zippered pocket, I would have loved to have one or two more inside since we travel with so much gear. (Would you believe that all this gear and the clothes above fit nicely into my Cabin Zero? I am in LOVE)

On the front, there is one large pocket (great) but again, would have loved to have seen a smaller one in the front for passports and pens.


I also found myself constantly reaching for a side pocket where my water bottle typically is only to come up empty-handed.

Overall, I am super pleased with our CabinZero bag! I especially love the variety that they have with their colors and styles!

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Disclosure: Cabin Zero kindly provided me with a complimentary bag to try out but all views and opinions are my own.

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