Cueva Ventana (Window Cave)

As avid hikers and naturists, Cueva Ventana was high up on my list of things to do when visiting Puerto Rico.

Located in the center of the island in Arecibo, you can access the caves right off highway 10 at the Puma gas station.

Window Cave after Hurricane Maria

We paid our entrance fee (they graciously allowed our girls for free, which was a super classy move!) and we took the tour with about 20 other people.

As a family, we are quite used to hiking with our young children in tough spots, but I am not sure I would recommend it to most children under the age of 5.

Charlie had to be carried the duration of the tour, which was not the easiest when squeezing through the caves. Wear some good shoes too, it can get quite slippery inside the caves.

The tour is approximately an hour and the trained biologists teach you all about the Taino Indians, the bats, insects, snakes and trees. If you are lucky, you will spot the very famous Boa at the window if he is not out hunting. Thankfully, we did not see it! Phew!

Spotting the petroglyphs from the natives

👉👉 After Hurricane Maria: The caves were shut down due to extensive damage but is proud to announce that they are now up and running and taking tours! After Maria, unfortunately, most of the bats have been forced to leave due to lack of food and the damage to the trees has been extensive in the valley.

They are now attempting to draw the bats back, and only time will heal the valley and bring back the lush vegetation.


The climax of the tour, of course, is when you reach the famous window cave overlooking the Rio Grande Valley and river.


As someone who had not seen it before, it was still every bit as breathtaking in person. It is clear that the valley is bouncing back and will regain it’s luster again.

learning all about stalagmites and stalactites

Cueva Ventana is the only natural cave in Puerto Rico and included in one of the top 15 most beautiful caves in the world!

I am always hesitant to bring the girls along for tours, so I was thrilled that they accommodated us and made it as family friendly as possible. It was a great learning experience and a once in a lifetime view.

Have you visited?

✨ Fun Fact: the cave was used as one of the settings for the 2012 British TV miniseries Treasure Island and also the 2013 film Runner, Runner took place inside the cave.

5 Globetrotters Tip ðŸ‘‰ As always with most tours, try to get there as early as possible. After 11 am it gets quite crowded. It’s always nice to keep the tours small so that you can ask questions and take your time inside the caves.

⏰: Open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am – 4:00pm. Apparently they are now offering night tours!

💰: $19 for a non PR resident

🗺: Highway 10 – GPS coordinates located below

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4 thoughts on “Cueva Ventana (Window Cave)

  1. I’m so glad you and your family got to experience this! Have visited many times; the last time in 2014 when there were no gates, no tours, and free to walk in anytime. Early mornings were incredible with no people! Much preferred it this way.


    1. Thanks Kevin, we did enjoy ourselves! But I imagine it was far more enjoyable when you went. The tour was actually quite informative and led by a biologist, so that was a bonus. Either way, it sure is a stunning view isn’t it?!


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