Cabo Rojo Los Morillos

Cabo Rojo (translated to Red Cape) is a region located in the South West of Puerto Rico and here you can find the Cabo Rojo lighthouse.


👉👉 After Hurricane Maria: We were unable to actually visit the Lighthouse due to damage from Hurricane Maria, but I am told that it will be fully operational soon within a few weeks.

What we could do, however, is walk the extensive trails and grounds where the Lighthouse stands.  Be careful of your children! There are no rails and you can never be too cautious with the giving rock.


Surrounded by 200-foot limestone cliffs, this is certainly a must stop and visit!


The grounds are absolutely breathtaking, and you will not be disappointed by the vast sea side trails. We saw several mountain bikers, so this must be a popular past time here, as well as other hikers.


Getting to the lighthouse was a little hairy at first. I am not sure if the roads were this bad before Maria, but you certainly have to drive SLOW to avoid all the potholes. Once you arrive there is a parking lot that will take you up to the lighthouse straight ahead, or there are trails that you can take on either side that do eventually lead to the lighthouse.


I highly recommend taking the time to do the trails, again, the view will blow your mind. There is no real shade though, so take plenty of water and sunscreen.


So. Hot.


5 Globetrotters Tip 👉 Visit Las Salinas on your way in or out. These impressive salt flats are one of Puerto Rico’s hidden treasures and a must visit!

⏰: Open Thursday to Tuesday (closed Wednesday) from 9:00 am – 4:00pm

💰: Admission to the lighthouse and grounds are free. There is also a free trolly that takes you from the parking lot to the lighthouse during opening hours every 10 minutes or so.

🗺: Located on the southwestern tip of PR in Cabo Rojo. GPS coordinates located below

Cabo Rojo after Hurricane Maria

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