Las Coloradas

Rio Lagartos is a small town located on the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. This small town is home to a large number of Flamingos as well as the beautiful pink lakes located in Las Coloradas.

Where to stay: We didn’t spend the night in Rio Lagartos as we only came to see the pink lakes. We drove three hours from Playa del Carmen and continued south after to spend the night in Valladolid.

Where to spend the night in Rio Lagartos

Pink as far as the eye can see!

Hours: The pink lakes are open all hours as they are salt mines, however, we wouldn’t advise being here after dark obviously.

Pink water? Every little girl’s dream!

Admission: FREE! Swimming in the lakes is now forbidden, however, you can still take a tour here.

5 Globetrotters Tip: Park on the side of the road where the lakes appear to begin. From here you have an easy access point over the sand dunes to the lakes and river. Stay awhile, but do not enter the lakes as you will be asked to leave. Enjoy the beauty!


The colour of the water is caused by a high concentration of brinal bacteria. Due to this fact, the water feels pretty slimy! Not exactly the kind of water you want to swim in.

Hunter and Lily had a blast throwing rocks into the pink water!

Copy of Where the locals eat
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Have you visited the famous pink lakes of Mexico?

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