5 Tips to get you Travelling NOW!

So you have decided that you want to travel, Hurray! In my opinion, there is no better way to spend your time and money. But speaking of money, it does cost quite a bit to get on a plane with your family and jet off to some new location. It takes work and dedication;  but it is easier than you think! I have gathered for you the 5 ways our family of 5 affords to travel.

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1. Set a Realistic Budget.

This is the first thing we do when we set our sights on a new country. Set a budget that works for YOU. Don’t look at what everyone else is spending, your family is unique and your budget needs to reflect that.

Travelling creates long-lasting memories, teaches you things you never thought possible and truly opens your eyes (and your children’s!). Any amount of money to do those things is simply priceless.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 21.18.14
Their first time on an airplane!
Auto Europe Car Rentals

2. Cut Back

We all know the saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too?” Well they weren’t kidding. If travel is a priority, you need to cut back. If you are like the rest of us, money doesn’t grow on trees. So you need to find it somewhere else. Look at your monthly expenses, what can you cut out in order to afford to travel?

We cut out our gym membership saving us $120 a month.

I canceled our satellite and even my cell phone. Between Netflix and WIFI calling, I have never for a moment felt as though I was giving anything up. Between the two we saved another $200 a month. Between the three we have saved $3840 a year! Its amazing how everything adds up, and before you know it you are well on your way to your budget.

 Tip ๐Ÿ‘‰ Now that you have saved this money, here is the most important part; put it in a dedicated savings account! It is way too easy to end up spending that money on something else and then you are left with nothing again. You saved that money, put it away for your well-deserved trip.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 21.18.06

3. Curb your spending

Once again, it is amazing how fast everything adds up. Food can be the number one expense in most families. Make a list of your meals for the week, plan it out and shop once a week. I use AnyList to meal plan and it automatically adds the ingredients that I need to my list. Nothing gets wasted and you only buy what you need. Brilliant!

Shopping without a list and a plan costs you more money than you realize. Before planning, I was spending $800 a month on average at the grocery store. After planning, I am now spending under $700. Put that money in your travel fund, another $1200 a year! Sure it isn’t easy planning, but trust me; it is worth it!

 Tip  ๐Ÿ‘‰ Don’t look at items simply costing you “money”, they cost you hours of your life working to make that money. Before purchasing anything (a purse, a meal out, a sweater etc.) as yourself, is this worth 4 hours of my life? It’s amazing how often you will put it back and move on.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 21.17.58
You’re never too old or too young to get your very first passport stamp!

4. Be flexible

This option has saved us so much money when planning. We don’t care where we go, as long as we can go somewhere! Our dates are flexible and this also saves us so much money. When you are paying for 5 plane tickets (and we all know how plane tickets will eat a budget), going on a Wednesday as opposed to a Saturday can save you hundreds.

 Skyscanner and Kayak  are my favorite search engine to use when looking for tickets. Both options allow you to choose by month, cheapest month or just see where an affordable location is based on the month you wish to travel.

Download the app and go to “explore”. There goes your afternoon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Flight Hub
Air Wander lets you add stopovers to a number of countries bringing your cost down.
Secret Flying offers misprints and last minute deals

 Tip  ๐Ÿ‘‰ Don’t forget to clear your cache before looking at flights, or browse in private mode. Airlines use your search history against you and jack the prices when they notice that you have been searching the same destination over and over.

Screenshot 2017-11-13 21.17.45
A custom table we built and sold to make some extra $$

5. House Swapping and Airbnb

This final option may not be for everyone, but it is how we have afforded to top up our budget several times. Home Exchange is a members-only platform that allows you to exchange homes with other members all over the world!

It is the #1 reason we can afford to travel and I honestly wouldn’t travel any other way. 

 We also have listed our home on Airbnb to rent out when we are not around. It is a great way to top up that budget.

 When we found $159 return tickets to Cozumel, we opened up our home on Airbnb and rented it for 3 nights, covering the costs of our flights. Between that and houseswapping, we are able to significantly reduce the costs of our travels.

 Book your first trip through Airbnb and get $40!

Congratulations, you have now just afforded to take your first trip!  

How do you afford to travel?

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