Where the locals eat on Roatan

Where the locals eat-2

We were lucky to have the inside scoop on the best places to eat while visiting Roatan.

  1. Pazzos is a small open air Italian restuarant located in West End. They are only open from 6-9 every night and each item is carefully prepared to order. They do not serve alcohol here, so you are encouraged to bring your own without charging you any corking fee. Here you will be surrounded by locals where each one knows each other.
    We ordered: the beef carpaccio, fresh pasta with tomatoes and home made ricotta as well as a pasta carbonara for only $32!
  2. Celeste’s is located just in West Bay Mall. They only serve a few items each day to ensure quality and rotate their menu daily. Here they have a number of pet parrots that will eat breakfast with you!
    We Ordered: 2 plates of eggs benedict with coffee and juice for only $14
  3. Bananarama is located right in West Bay and overlooks the amazing Caribbean Sea. They have entertainment each night and cater to the tourists, however Monday nights are 2-1 Pizza. Each pie is baked on a fire grill and are excellent, especially for the price!
    Sundays are also a local favourite as they have crab races which raise money for the Charmont Academy for children infected with HIV.
    We Ordered: 2 large pizza with 4 toppings each for only $18
  4. Anthony’s Chicken and More is located right on the strip at West End. Anthony himself will take your order and serve you. Each morning he cooks up a feast of smoked chicken (his own chickens I may add) with rice, fried plantains and pico. This was our favourite place while visiting. Such a charming place and seriously delicious food.
    We ordered: 2 of their specialty plates for only $10
  5. Bambu is located off the main highway and what it lacks in view it makes up for in high quality sushi! Each item is sourced locally and plated beautifully.
    We ordered: several rolls to split costing $59Have you been to Roatan? Where did you eat?

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